So this year I will built another colourfull Yamaha M1: The Yamaha of the Tech 3 team with the "Miro" special painting
During the 05 season, the Team had made 2 kind of painting for Ruben Xaus and Toni Elias. You can see both of them on this picture.
Of course, I will made the Elias version, according to my registration form for the ModelerGP 2006.
In a first time, I draw all the logos from the team sponsors.
With patterns made with Tamiya's masking tape, I have enough matter to draw the cawls painting. On this view, I worked on the side cawls.
The raer cawl was quite dificult to draw. I made several change on it.
the pigs on the seat cawl were fun to draw. Du to the small size of the decal, I didn't have to push on details.
Also the drawing of the tank was quite hard. Especially when I tried to link side to side every drawing.
And then the draw of the decal sheet is finished and sent to Rennaissance in order to be printed by Interdecal company. On the decal sheet, both versions of Xaus and Elias are included.
Here is the result from Renaissance (item MtK12/016). Also, adhesives gold numbers (#11) are included for Xaus. Believe me, the intruction notice for the decals was not easy to writte.
So I started the kit assembly with the motor. Due to the lack of time, I built the kit straigh out from the box.
I applied carbon decals on every pieces in order to be more accurate. I used S27 decals.
A view of the motor in the frame. The model is quite different from the 04 season
Hezre is a view of the final assembly. Nothing extraordinary indeed.
I used the Tamiya detail set for the front fork. Nice result but high price also...
For the cawls painting I feel to be like a worker in the Yamaha factory :) I painted 2 set of M1: one for each rider.
I spent quite a week to applied the decals for the 2 bikes. Then I used TS13 clear coat.
The numbers appears to be a little too big. Renaissance will made a correction for the next shhet. Especially the the Xaus version were the rear right number is false.
Last but not least. I show you a picture of the Xaux bike (which wasn't registred at ModelerGP). The kit isn't finished, but you can have an idea of it.