Preparation and documentation

My first activty was to gather documentation to get an idea of how stupid I was to embark on such a difficult project. ;)
Here are some of the things I used as documentation.
The MOTOCOURSE 89 Book has a lot of incredible picture and some detailed shots of the bike.
Also I was lucky to find some grate photos on the Internet.
But I am still looking for more engine and detailled shots of the bike, so if you have any, don't hesitate send me an email ..

Find the Model
Although the bikes are very different, there are elements i will try to use as a base to modify.
Body work is completely different.
Wheels, tank and seat are different.
The exhaust pipes are a bit similar in their design but have differences.
Front fork is definetly different (I think I may use the S27 93 suzuki base) , swing arm are also different but can be made by hand Finally the engine is the same but too bad because nobody will see it.
The reason I chose the 00 suzuki and not the S27 93 (which is more similar) Suzuki as a base is because If I do my job correctly, this mays become a limited edition kit (chuuuutttt !!!) so it is better if it used parts from an existing and available model ;)
I started to build the bike to get a feel of the assembly so that I don't destroy anything that might be useful in the end.
In order to check all the differences between the 200 model and the 89 model I used my mac.
A shot of the model - full profile transposed in illustrator
A shot of the 89 model - hopefully a good profile picture in illustrator also.
Then I draw around the basid baseline of the 89 model to get a feel of its geometry.
Then I superimpose the geometry of the 89 model to the 00 model picture and check for differences.
From this analysis it seems the biggest problem will be the frame wich apparently does not have the same geometry so I will have to modifiy the frame.