I think that it's cool to present to me.
Well, my name is Nicolas, I have 16 years and I live in France, you know, country of the gastronomy, wine, Paris!!!
I had started the models since I have 7years, as everybody, with big trace of fingers, painting (almost never) with brushes.
Now I built only motorbikes, it's normal it's my other hobby...
It think that's all.
Good luck evrybody :)
My project is the motorbike of Tamada during the Dutch GP with batman version, I find it nice.
But, the problem is "how print decals?" I don't have printer like OKI... But I have an idea on this topic, wait an see. Second, it's necessary to remade many modifications on the careenages, and other parts.
I start to make the patterns of the careenages for make decals after, but I must to make the seat.
It's finish here.
And you can look with these two photos where I am on the design of the decals now.
The next of the design of decals, some logos are finish and others in progress.
I had said at the start that I didn't know how to print decals, but I had said too that I had an idea.
I have contact Renaissance to propose my work, he answer me it's ok, very nice for me, I would have decals make with a good quality!!!
Now I have finish decals, the page-setting is not make here, but soon.
The desing of the Batman is hard and it's necessary to simplify it for the constraints of serigraphy.
I have start the drawing of the note.
It's cool the holidays...
The note is soon finish.
I have finish the note, as it's for Renaissance I do it well :D
I have received the decals, I 'm so happy!!
At the start I wanted only to make one engraving, but now I prefere to detach them
It's made here.
Here is the beginning of the détail of the interior of the panels
All the panel are finish!
I have finish the swing arms
The Frame is finish, filled and the weldings are added
The rear suspension is soon finish
All that is prototype is almost finish. -Here the start of the protection of the muflers.
And here when it's finish
The last parts remade
The seat is finish!
I started the paint of the parts who are not paint with metalic paint. I will put the décals this evening
I have finish panels, and I have apply carbon decals Renaissance for inside panels, semi gloss gunze is past, very nice!
Mufflers are also finish.
The work of the week end!
The model is soon finish!!!


I have make all decals, and Renaissance had print them.

I have made all evolutions on, the panels, the swing arm...
And now she is finish!