Entry No.27
2002 Honda NSR500 / J. VAN DEN GOORBERGH

This is the bike I would like to make for the Modeler Gp 2007.
This bike was the last Honda 500 Nsr two strokes, rided in 2002 by Capirossi, Barros, Kato, Van der Gorberg and Harada!
I've taked the Studio27 transkit for Honda Nsr500 Of Harada Team Pramac 2002 to have a very good base.
The body and the new seat cowling are made in resin, the frame and the swing arm in withe metal. The look is great!
I'v made a piece of plasic to fit togheter the support of the exhaust. This give to the structur more strenght...
This are the withe metal parts solded toghether.
After sanding a lot this is the results...
The Photoetched parts are not so much but very fine produced by Studio27.
In this picture you can see the dettail of the rear break disc. I'v used a 0,5mm brass rod to fit togheter the parts without any glue.